He creado esta pagina con mis estudiantes en mente, todos aquellos quienes me han brindado esa confianza y honor. Todo lo que no logro decir a viva voz, lo escribo. Quiero crear un espacio en el cual pueda ayudarles a todos mis estudiantes, con enlaces, recursos, temas de interés, y mis opiniones en forma de blog.

Mi vida es bilingue, and it is what I love most about myself. The ability to live between two worlds and transition between them throughout the day and the years. I most identify with the diversity of Las Vegas, but I hold a special place in my heart for Mexico City, where I was born and spent most of my childhood. Soy Mexicana antes que nada. I earned my Bachelor’s in English, and a minor in French from UNLV. I studied abroad for a semester in Lyon, France, to experience once again the culture shock of adopting a new language. I love the way many English and Spanish words come from this beautiful (but colonialist) language. Feeling foreign in France helped me understand how foreign I always felt in both the U.S. and Mexico. I inhabit a space of borders. I am a first generation immigrant, and it is an identity I take great pride in.

My pen name is Bella.

~Adriana Guizar


I graduated in May 2016 from UNLV with my bachelor’s in English (literature). I’m a proud Rebel.


A few of my students from an Honors College seminar course I lead at UNLV in 2015. We were preparing for a kickball game, one of many events meant to build community among HC students.


Volunteering for the Boys and Girls Club in 2016. A group of “UNLVolunteers” assisted the children in creating a community garden.


My Little Sister in 2012. When I started college, this was my first opportunity as a mentor.